The Philippines

The Philippines - a tropical archipelago, which lies between the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. Philippine Islands actually represent a half-submerged mountain ranges - part of a vast mountain system, stretching from Indonesia to Japan. Of the more than seven thousand islands are inhabited at least 10%, and 11 largest islands account for 96% of the total area of the Philippines.

Support for special government programs for the development of diving and the environment provided an extremely well-developed infrastructure with a large number of diving centers.

The total area of only a shallow reef (depth to 18 meters) is 39000 sq. km.

For the typical reef in the Philippines is characterized by shallow top covered bochkovidnymi sponges, sea fans, stony and soft corals and hydroids, including swarming with fish. Along the walls behind you follow the whole flock of curious fish, angels, Pennant fish, Moorish idols, sladkogubov, tsezio. There are also major inhabitants of the high seas, including sharks, rays and a turtle. In the caves come across resting nurse sharks. In addition, there are found everywhere Whitetip reef sharks, lobsters, Nudibranch molluscs, flatworms, holothurians, starfish, ascidians, feather worms and multicolored marine fish. Most diving is carried out with small boats, equipped with rocker-floats, which in local language called banks.