The Philippines has a rich and eventful history. It was here, Ferdinand Magellan landed - the first person encircled the world. And here he found his last resting place. Miguel Legaspi - the second well -known European to set foot on this land, united disparate islands of the archipelago under one flag and declared the Philippines a Spanish colony.

Landing of Miguel Legaspi was marked by many notable events for the city of Cebu: construction of the first fortress, the first church, the first street in Philippines - Colon. It is under Legaspi, ultimately, Cebu loses its right to the capital and main city of the country moved to Manila.

300 years of Spanish colonization have left their mark. The Spanish architecture of the mid-16th to 19th century, the Spanish last names of Filipinos, so firmly entrenched, jeweled with Spanish words, the national language - these are just a few examples of the influence of the conquistadors. Streets in cities in Luzon, Cebu, Negros radiate its long history and you are so drawn to become a part of it.

Philippine revolution, the change of regime in the country has created its heroes. Jose Rizal and Andre Bonifacio are the Philippine’s prototypes of Gandhi and Che Guevara, about whom so little is known outside the Philippines, the real heroes of their country.

In the late 19th century, Americans help Philipinos to liberate from Spanish oppression and announced the Philippines its colony. It is to America, they are obliged of modern communications, roads, schools, political systems and infrastructure. Well-calculated flee of Americans during the Japanese occupation and the famous return of General MacArthur's in 1946 fully covered in our excursion program.

Difficult and harsh way of Filipinos to democracy known for the authoritarian rule of President Marcos, "famous” for its corruption, and pride of the Philippines and the idol of many women of the planet - the first female president in the world Corazon Aquino.

Your impressions of the Philippines would not be complete without a tour in Manila and Cebu!